The disposable flexible film coating with Drumliner nozzle and cap is the smartest and most economical system for packaging liquids and pastes, in addition to being approved for food contact.

The Drumliner line offers several advantages:

  • decreases the time to prepare the filling.
  • eliminates the need for epoxy coating on the metal barrel.
  • reduces the exposure area to external contaminants.
  • Allows reuse of secondary packaging.
  • Ensures locking tightness.

• Food, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.

• 50, 100 e 200 liters

• Rectangular, with or without inclined welding.
• Bags with emptying nozzle options

• High-Performance LLDPE, resistant to temperatures from -30°C up to 85ºC
• Co-extruded High Barrier EVOH
• Nylon-poly
• Metalic PET

secondary packaging
• Metalic drums
• Cardboard Boxes
• Casks
• Blue Plastic drums

Nozzles & Caps
• 55mm Butterfly Set
• 55mm Screw Cap
• 55mm Sealing Cap
• 55mm Cover Handle