Embaquim is a company that makes use of creativity and innovation to offer solutions in packaging systems for filling liquids, pastes, and particulates.

The packages developed and produced by Embaquim are available in several structures and are adapted to the different needs of barriers, filling, transport, and storage. With the certificate ISO 9001: 2015 by BVQI, Embaquim guarantees total traceability of its products, exhaustively tested in their physical-chemical characteristics, and usage simulations.

The main advantages of using this system, when compared to the use of rigid packaging, are:

  • 100% recyclable;
  • Adequacy to storage and filling temperatures from -40°C up to 90ºC;
  • Smart design that facilitates and reduces handling time, with full product flow;
  • Elimination of washing of drums or containers, with consequent adaptation to environmental legislation;
  • Flexibility in packaging formats, nozzles and volumes;
  • Total hygiene in pre-packaging storage, without contact with external environment or other contaminants;
  • It reduces the material disposal volume up to 90% after use;
  • It reduces the storage volume of empties up to 80%;
  • It reduces packaging disposal volume (after use);
  • It minimizes the transportation volume by up to 30%.